Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Will the Real Bitch Please Stand Up
My reviews for Part 1

Bitch Part 3, picks up with the birth of Precious & Supreme’s first born daughter Aaliyah. Deja sets the tone with new beginnings for the Mills family, tucked away in the heart of LA. Beverly Hills and Hollywood is the First Family of Hip Hop Royalty, new stomping grounds. Although the Mills are newly located on the opposite side of country, the same problems seem to find them.

The Bitch is Back, was definitely a slower read for me. Precious was no longer that fiery Charlie Baltimore (Last Kiss Goodnight) chick, she could still sell water to a whale, and make a believable story, however she just lost that “instinct”. Due to the circumstances and the unthinkable time they were going through I felt Supreme’s character was little washed out too. Part 3 was very predictable, I knew the key people as I was reading the story. I did turn the pages at the end like crazy, I wanted to just hurry up and get to the point of WHY Aaliyah was kidnapped, BUT…Deja fell short on delivering the “true” purpose behind all this riff raff. With all that being said, whew what a KILLER ending, and I’m soooo happy I have part 4 on my shelf!

Aside from the few disappointments, I did give Part Three, 3.5 solid stars and will begin part 4 today. I’m still a HUGE Deja fan, as well aa Precious!! I’m rooting for her ALL THE WAY….but will the REAL BITCH Please stand up…Good LAWD!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!
Gratitide unlocks the fullness of life, give thanks for all your blessings!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Cartel 2 by Ashley & JaQuavis - 2 Stars

You can read my review for The Cartel 1 HERE


What I thought was a great read, turned out to be such a disappointment. I got pass the errors such as the songs that were mentioned that weren’t even out, or the fashion worn that wasn’t in style at that time period, etc. But when I got to the ending I felt totally hoodwinked. I deserve a refund.

I don’t want to give away or shed to much light on why I was so heavily disappointed for obvious reasons. However, on the flip side, we do learn in depth about the Murder Mama’s. We learn how they were created and the history behind Miramor’s cold blooded heart.

I am anxiously awaiting part three. Since none of our questions are answered in part 2, I guess I’ll sit here and twiddle my thumbs until next time.

A message to the dynamic duo…….. You have me MAD!  Therefore you get 2 stars from me. So Half assed! 

Part 3 is due out July 27th, 2010.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Dopeman's Wife by JaQuavis Coleman - 3 Stars
The Dopeman's Wife. Really? Wow!

My first gripe about this novel is the title, it totally baffles me. Part two of this book, is named The Dopeman's Wife. So the book is titled The Dopeman's Wife, AND the last third (part 2) of the book? After all of that Nautica was never officially a "wife" in the entire book. Before you read my review, I want to add a disclaimer that this could be a spoiler for you. I had a tough time, trying to write a review for this novel it was just so average to me, and nothing really exciting to write about. BLAH!


This book was all over the place. It began pretty slowly for me. The first third of the book was written building up the characters Nautica her cousin and best friend Khia. They work together, live together and are pretty much inseparable. Chicken stop workers by day, strippers by night, and stick up girls when opportunity knocks. Nautica meets Zion, a local D Boy and quickly becomes his main. The Author leads us to believe that they're in love; however I never really felt the deep connection. Zion and his close friend Loon, who is described to be one scurrilous individual, will kill at the drop of dime, and together they run Flint. The once doting Zion is now a jealous freak causing sudden chaos. Nautica and Khia seek revenge, plan to rob him, move to NYC and never look back. Naturally the scheme doesn't pan out the way it was planned and Nautica is left to make it do for herself.


Nautica meets Tical, a wealthy young man running everything that moves in and out of B-more with investments in the TV show, The Wire. Once he sets his eyes on Nautica it's a wrap and together the two fall into pure bliss. Nautica's past is the rising action in this novel. Tical absolutely despises gold diggers, and ghetto rats with hood history. Natutica is petrified of Tical finding out her past and endures some obstacles in trying to suffice those issues.

So here's my second gripe. Why couldn't Nautica tell Tical what her past was like, it's not like she was a hooker selling her coochie, the only reason she was caught up in the situation with Zion was because he turned abusive, she wasn't the one who pulled the trigger. It's not like Tical was some honorable priest or something, he was trap star! He orchestrated hits and had his hands heavy in the game. I wanted to just SCREAM, ugh I hated what she went through to protect her not-so-scandalous past.

So at the end of the book everyone dies with the exception of one character. I have no idea why there is going to be a part 2. Leave it alone. There is nothing to look forward to. JMO!

3 stars, it was okay.....enough to keep me reading, but very bland.

How do you feel about JaQuavis solo novel? Pass or fail?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bitch Reloaded: Part 2 by Deja King - 5 Stars

Never trust a big butt & a smile, that girl is POISON!

The once known Precious Cummings from the projects is a thing of the past; we’re now acquainted with Precious Mills, wife of rap mega superstar Supreme. Precious is living the life of a true Boss Bitch, happily married with all the perks included when once again an abrupt tragedy makes her world turn cold. “Love for life”, is the motto that Supreme and Precious live by, an underlining slogan that defines the loyalty that they share for each other. Precious holds no bars when it comes to what she will go through to protect her Husband’s masters, and his legacy. Almost as if there was a target on her forehead and the motivation for all the drama that surrounds her, Precious fights her way through survival in attempt to uncover the truth of Nico Carter and her Love for Life.

In Part two of Deja’s Bitch series we are reintroduced to Precious’s child hood friend Jamal and his soon to be Wifey and ex-video chick Nina. The ultra slimy Mike is back at a vengeance with his true quest to win Precious’s heart.

Bitch Reloaded was pure fiyah and definitely a series to be added to the street lit classic collection. I give it a solid 5 stars, and am whole heartedly head over heals for Precious Mills. In Part 2, we see a softer more maternal side of Precious, yet she hasn’t lost that hood instinct and gutta edge. She handles her Bitch well and never leaves home without it. Great, fast paced read, had me turning the pages like a speed freak. Real talk.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bitch By Deja King - 4 Stars

Bitch, I might be!

So, I’m probably the last Street Lit fan to read Deja King’s Bitch Series but I’m probably glad I did so that I can read them all in order with out waiting months. So with that being said, I won’t get into too much depth about the details of the first installment, Bitch. I’m sure we all get the gist.

Bitch starts with the introduction to Precious Cummings, and the beginning years of her life. We learn that she’s a BK girl to the fullest and raised in the projects of the borough she reps. When handed an ultimatum at 15, Precious is compelled to mount up and make it happen for herself. Precious goes hard for her cash and her middle name should be Adonis. By using what she is blessed with, she begins to live a life that she never dreamed of. Built with a phlegmatic heart, she’s a stone cold killa and is unmoved by the slightest drop of blood at the account of her own hands.

Okay, Bitch is a total fiction book, the type of stuff that takes place is just never going to happen in real life but it made for a dope story! I read this book in less than 24 hours, at work, on my lunch, in bed, etc. I give Bitch 4 stars, and moving right along to part 2, Bitch Reloaded.

Have you read the Bitch Series? What book are you on? The 5th installment is due out on November 24th of this year. Let me know how you like it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stripping Asjiah by Sa'Rese - 3.5-4 Stars!

I read a lot, and street lit is my favorite. However, this novel was a different type of street lit/Urban tale. I’ve been pondering all day to put my words around how to describe this read. I’ve never heard of Sa’Rese or this novel in any of my book clubs, I happened to stumble on it via Good Reads. I am glad I did.

Stripping Asjiah is a story of a young girl’s life from age seven to eighteen; however the majority of the story takes place in Asjiah’s senior year in high school. As if your teen age years aren’t already an emotional roller coaster, add being raised by your Grandmother who absolutely despises you because you’re a female version of the man who killed her daughter. That’s life for Asjiah. The only person left in the world who loves her unconditionally is her brother Angel, the hoods Al Pacino.

Stripping Asjiah was a great read, very fast paced and easy to follow. Sa’rese’s writing style is very fresh, witty and filled with humor that this generation would understand. Very hip in her wording by using many slang related terms, made the story very fun to read. This novel had me literally laughing out loud when reading Asjiah’s journal passages and her train of thought, I loved it! I also liked the way she began and ended a situation very swiftly; she didn’t make it a long drawn out situation with pages and pages. She got to the point easily!

We are left with some unanswered questions, so I hope a part two will be out soon. I’m rooting for Money & Asjiah! I give Stripping Asjiah 3.5-4 stars. Great read, a little short but I’m anticipating a part 2.

Who is Sa'Rese? How do we contact her? Is this her only novel?